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Have you ever been curious about some wonderful things to do in Marion Virginia? This is a tiny town in Smyth County, Virginia. However, little communities are no longer what they once were. Marion is a small town, yet its downtown businesses are prospering. This charming community in Southwest Virginia, dubbed “America’s Greatest Hometown,” is well worth a visit! So here are the best things to do in Marion Virginia. Read our article.

Some wonderful things to do in Marion Virginia

Visit Mercantile & Stillhouse shop

Marion’s Main Street Mercantile & Stillhouse appears to be a basic, classic rural store with locally manufactured goods at a first impression. At least, until you keep walking towards the rear, where you quickly realize the actual magic happens.

Things to Do in Marion Virginia

The Appalachian Mountain Spirits Tasting Room, which opened in late August 2014, offers a variety of old-fashioned, woodsy moonshine whiskeys… that is legal. This illegally stored booze has been a mainstay of the region’s culture and commerce for decades, and distiller Marion Scott Schumaker is devoted to continuing this history. Mountain conservation techniques Stop in for a $5 sample of 3 x 0.5 ounces and pick up a bottle or two to take home. Cross your arms so you can stop by on a day when the bluegrass team performs in the tasting room, as is customary at Floyd Country Store.

Lincoln Theatre

Apart from the moon tasting room, Marion’s Main Street has a lot of interesting things going on. The Lincoln Theater is a cultural institution in the heart of town. The Lincoln Theater has a fascinating backstory. The theater was erected in 1929 and has a particular style – Mayan Renaissance – making it one of just three in America. However, by the late 1970s, the theater had closed and had fallen into ruin. The theater was reopened in 2004 with the cooperation of the whole local community, utilizing paintbrushes and hammers, and is a source of pride for the neighborhood.

On the first Saturday of each month, the nationally syndicated musical television show “Song of the Mountains” is shot in Marion’s Lincoln Theater. The PBS series, now in its tenth season, honors the musical tradition of the Southern Appalachians by highlighting local talent playing bluegrass, old-time melodies, and Americana.

Lincoln Theatre

Visit famous restaurants

Marion has a whole new range of independently owned and affordable restaurants, each with its own unique personality:

  • Wooden Pickle: Come here for American pub cuisine (fries, beer biscuits, and uncooked buffalo wings served with 6 handmade sauces on the side) that complements the vast range of local wines and beers.
  • 27 Lions: Brick-oven pizzas and burgers Oh, and there are 27 faucets… Impressive!
  • Wolfe’s BBQ: Here’s the greatest beef brisket I’ve ever tasted, as well as delectable homemade BBQ sauce and other treats like mac & cheese and baked beans.

General Francis Marion hotel

The magnificent General Francis Marion Hotel will make history buffs drool. While the rooms aren’t very large, they are tastefully decorated and full of charm… All for approximately $100 per night. Guests who just serve breakfast will feel at ease at the 5-room Collins House Inn. The General Francis Marion Hotel is an ideal combination of boutique and heritage. This is simply the greatest choice in town, thanks to its superb central position. The lobby is very stunning, and the terrace facing the street is the ideal place to unwind after a day of touring! The accommodations are comfortable and well-equipped for a trip to a tiny town.

Hungry Mother State Park

Beyond Main Street, the region around Marion has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts. There’s Hungry Mother State Park, which has a lake, a man-made beach, restaurants, rental cabins, and a roughly 3,000-acre natural forest. Molly’s Knob, a nearly 4-mile trek at 3270′ that gives the greatest views in the park, is one of 18 miles of hiking paths at Hungry Mother. Visiting Hungry Mother State Park also has enjoyable things to do in Marion Virginia.

 Virginia Creeper Trail

Marion’s is also the starting point for the 32-mile Back of the Dragon motorcycle route. This picturesque route leads motorcycle riders across the mountains to Tazewell, Virginia.

Slower cyclists will enjoy the 35-mile Virginia Creeper Trail, which runs from Whitetop Station to Abingdon. The initial 16-mile route from Whitetop to Damascus is recommended for beginners. Simply begin in Damascus at Creeper Trail Bike Rental & Shuttle (a 25-minute drive from Marion). There, you may rent a bike and take the $26 chairlift to the summit of the mountain. Then all you have to do is enjoy a relaxing and scenic downhill ride.

 Virginia Creeper Trail

Engage with the locals

When you visit Marion, you’ll quickly notice that everyone knows everyone else. It’s a little town with a population of approximately 6,000 people, and it’s not unusual for the town mayor to swing by the businesses along Main Street to check what’s going on.

Marion has been operating under the “if you build it, they will come” mindset for almost a year and a half, so everyone is exceedingly hospitable to tourists and pleased to see that the general vision for the town has taken root. This little town exudes a feeling of pride and authenticity that makes it a must-see destination.

To summarize, this article is all about the things to do in Marion Virginia. Keep this secret in your pocket and don’t hesitate to pack your suitcase and come here to experience these amazing things!

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