What Is Skyactiv Technology

What Is Skyactiv Technology? SkyActiv technology has raised the bar for Mazda products by reshaping all elements from the gearbox and engine to the body and chassis. More importantly, the core of SkyActiv is not simply updating trendy technologies but also optimizing the core and most traditional values ​​of automobile manufacturing technology. Continue reading to learn What Is Skyactiv Technology.

What Is Skyactiv Technology?

Skyactiv is the brand name of a series of technologies that help increase engine power, optimize fuel consumption and increase efficiency, developed by Mazda. Mazda’s Skyactiv technologies are applied to the engine, transmission, chassis, and body…

What Is Skyactiv Technology

1. Back to basic

To meet customer tastes and regulatory safety and environmental performance standards, automakers around the world have rushed to introduce new technologies. Mazda is not an exception, but its approach to technology is different from the rest. The engineers at Mazda asked themselves: “Is it possible to bring about the best driving experience just by cramming more novel technologies into the car?” and “Why not find a way to develop and elevate basic driving performance?”.

Therefore, in the context of automakers constantly introducing new and modern technologies, Mazda has chosen its own path to focus on the most basic things. And the SkyActiv technology package was born, eliminating the prejudice that core technology values ​​cannot be improved, affirming the tendency to deepen research on available platforms that can always bring valuable results. then we think. The prestigious “Technology of the Year 2012” award for SkyActiv is one of the worthy rewards for Mazda, encouraging the company to continue to develop and create many technological breakthroughs in the future.

What Is Skyactiv Technology

Most recently, Mazda was also ranked number 1 by the prestigious website Consumer Reports in the list of the most reliable models in 2020, surpassing other veteran names in the car industry. This result is not surprising to many people because Mazda also ranked 2nd in this ranking last year and has continuously achieved maximum points in the safety tests of NCAP and IIHS for a long time.

2. Landmark SkyActiv Technology

After knowing What Is Skyactiv Technology, we move to the landmark of skyactiv technology. In 2011, Mazda officially introduced SkyActiv technology – a combination of technologies to increase fuel efficiency and engine performance, including The SkyActiv-G engine with high compression ratio, and SkyActiv-Drive automatic transmission. , SkyActiv-Body and SkyActiv-Chassis chassis.

In the SkyActiv technology package, the most notable is the SkyActiv-G direct injection engine. Normally, an internal combustion engine can only exploit about 30% of the fuel’s potential energy, the rest remains unused and turned into waste heat to the environment. By pushing the limits of internal combustion, Mazda has successfully developed the SkyActiv-G engine line that can compress the air-fuel mixture in the cylinder to a record 14:1, a number unprecedented for a mass-produced gasoline engine.

Remember, the higher the compression ratio, the stronger the engine power and the more fuel efficient, but the consequence when the compression ratio is high is that the temperature also increases and can cause detonation, then the engine will vibrate. recoil, power is reduced. And the engineers at Mazda have found a solution.

SkyActiv-G uses multi-hole injectors to optimize fuel injection, combined with a large-area exhaust system to reduce exhaust pressure and a 4-2-1 exhaust system to cool down. in the cylinder, creating the highest compression ratio of 14:1 for a gasoline engine to date. At the same time, Mazda also changed the piston top structure to speed up the spark plug process and used lightweight and durable components to improve the engine’s life and reduce fuel consumption.

What Is Skyactiv Technology

Compared with existing similar engines, SkyActiv-G improves fuel efficiency and torque efficiency by about 15%, resulting in optimal fuel economy and maximum reduction of harmful emissions. In particular, with the enhanced torque performance at low and medium speeds, SkyActiv-G can better meet the actual driving needs.

The transmission included in the SkyActiv Advanced Technology package is a six-speed automatic that combines the best aspects of a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), a dual-clutch automatic, and a traditional automatic. . The transmission’s locking range has been extended to develop more efficient torque transmission. This improves fuel economy by 4-7% without affecting the vehicle’s responsiveness when driving.

In addition to SkyActiv-G and 6-speed gearbox, SkyActiv-Body and Chassis technology solutions for the body and chassis also attract attention when using a special steel frame with high rigidity and lightness. . As a result, the company has reduced vehicle weight, the frame surface can be in multi-point contact to minimize the impact force.

“In order for a car to fully promote basic functions such as acceleration, turning, and stopping, the car must have a neat body but also be sure to ensure safety”, a representative of the SkyActiv technology development team share. The SkyActiv-Body technology body passes both of those tests, with an 8% reduction in weight and a 30% improvement in stiffness, better shock dispersion, and improved safety performance.

At the same time, the SkyActiv-Chassis chassis system has also been redesigned with both front and rear suspension systems, improved electric power steering, and reduced weight by 14% compared to the old generation. The result is a vehicle that is stable at high speeds and agile at low and medium speeds.


The advancement of the SkyActiv technology complex has quickly resonated in the technical world since the very first days of its launch. But with its challenging nature, the engineering teams at Mazda are constantly upgrading and perfecting this technology package to meet the rapid changes of the world, the environment, and the internal needs of customers in many areas. Creating the top and then finding a way to get to the top is the journey that Mazda will always conquer. Now we all know What Is Skyactiv Technology and its benefit of Skyactiv Technology.

By HaiMinh