When selecting the best UPS for gaming PC, peace of mind is what matters most. An uninterruptible power supply will prevent your PC’s precious components from overheating in the case of a power outage or surge. Having a dependable UPS can save lives because power outages are becoming more and more common in locations subject to severe weather.

It is advised to couple a high-performance gaming PC with an uninterruptible power supply battery as a backup. This serves as surge protection and shields your system from power fluctuations in the outlet.

When electricity is lost, such as during a power outage, the UPS uses its internal batteries to provide a steady supply of power for a brief period of time. As a result, you have time to save your work or move to a save point before you can properly shut down your computer.

There are other factors to take into account in addition to the time UPS offers you to accumulate. To help you decide which best UPS for gaming PC is ideal for you and your budget, we’ve tested each one listed below.

The best UPS for gaming PC- APC BR1500G Backup Battery

With AVR and surge protection, the APC BR1500G is a fantastic backup battery. This makes it simple to install external backups and replace cells.


  • Small size
  • Inexpensive
  • Great for small equipment


  • No automatic voltage regulation
  • No USB port
Top 4 best UPS for gaming PC
APC BR1500G Backup Battery

The APC UPS BE425M battery backup is the one for you if you need a UPS but don’t want to spend a lot of money. If you have a few tiny gadgets that need power, its 425VA/225W output is great. It won’t keep your PC operating for minutes after a power failure, though.

If you’re short on room, the tablet can fit on a desk, which is wonderful. It includes six outlets with surge protection (of which four are battery powered). Unfortunately, there aren’t any USB ports available for connecting USB-A or USB-C cables directly.

The BE425M does not have a pure sine wave output, just like the APC BR1500G. However, most of the gadgets you’ll be putting into it shouldn’t have a problem with that. You won’t be protected from voltage fluctuations due to the absence of automatic voltage regulation, which is another drawback.

The best UPS for gaming PC- Redundant UPS Amazon Basics

The routers can run for an extremely long time on 450W of power. There is also inexpensive AVR and surge protection.


  • 12 well spaced outlets
  • Small size
  • Powerful surge protection


  • No ATS
  • Simulate sine wave output
Redundant UPS Amazon Basics
Redundant UPS Amazon Basics

For individuals who require a UPS that is compact enough to fit in a tiny place yet still supplies adequate power for your equipment, the Amazon Basics Redundant UPS is fantastic. It is roughly the size and shape of a reclining dictionary and measures 12.2x7x3.14 inches.

The Amazon Basics UPS has 12 outlets despite being larger than the bigger APC BR1500G by two. Six outlets are connected to a battery, and each outlet is surge protected. There are plenty of outlets, four of which are spaced apart enough to support very large plugs.

For basic equipment, 800VA/450W of power is more than sufficient. Even if only for a little period of time, it ought to be sufficient to run a PC. The AVR uses standby power management in place of voltage fluctuation prevention to help control voltage.

If you don’t have any sensitive equipment, standby power management should be alright, but over time, it will wear down the UPS battery. The device does, however, provide robust surge protection to safeguard your appliances from powerful electrical surges.

The best UPS for gaming PC- CyberPower PR1500LCD

A simple, compact UPS with an unmatched power footprint is available from Amazon. Additionally, it contains many more outlets than you can possibly use and everything you need.


  • Large capacity
  • ATS
  • Pure sine wave
  • User-friendly LCD control panel and software


  • High cost
  • Huge footprint
Top 4 best UPS for gaming PC
CyberPower PR1500LCD

Even though a powerful setup can use more than 1,000 watts of power, gaming rigs typically only use several hundred. You need a UPS that can handle all that load without failing when the power goes out if you have a power-hungry system. The CyberPower PR1500LCD UPS system fills this need.

Gaming systems and other high power consumption devices are perfect candidates for our 1500VA/1500W CyberPower UPS. It readily outperforms devices rated 1500VA/1000W or 900W that have similar Volt-Amps (VA) but lower wattage options.

It only has eight outlets, all of which are battery-operated and surge-protected, in contrast to our prior selections. The CyberPower PR1500LCD, however, is more than simply a powerhouse. It is perfect for sensitive equipment because it produces the same true sine wave output as the mains. Additionally, AVR support is available to shield your hardware from slight oscillations without the need for a battery charge.

The price per unit of all of this is a drawback. It costs more than $500, making it far more expensive than any other choice on this list. However, if you can overlook it, you’ll soon realize that it’s worthwhile.

The CyberPower PR1500LCD is no exception to the rule that higher power means a larger battery footprint for UPS backup batteries in general. This is quite a lot in itself, being more than 1.5 times the width of our best general suggestion when standing straight.

If it’s any consolation, the size has been effectively utilized, and a convenient LCD control panel has been added to track its status. Additionally, you can effortlessly handle every aspect of the UPS from a distance using just a web browser thanks to the bundled Power Panel Business Edition software.

The best UPS for gaming PC – CyberPower CP800AVR UPS System


  • Sufficient power for network equipment
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • Widely spaced plugs
  • Can be placed vertically to save space


  • No USB ports
  • Simulated sine wave
The best UPS for gaming PC
CyberPower CP800AVR UPS System

The average laptop has a battery life of several hours to a full day. Therefore, if you don’t have a larger, more power-hungry desktop computer, all you need is a small UPS backup battery to power your routers and other network hardware and maintain access to the internet in the case of a power loss. And the CyberPower CP800AVR 800VA/450W UPS system is ideal for just that.

In addition to four outlets with surge protection only, the UPS provides four outlets with battery backup. Because the four outlets are evenly spaced, connecting equipment with large plugs is simple. Unfortunately, this UPS doesn’t have any USB ports, thus you only need eight AC outlets.

To adjust minor power variations throughout the day without discharging the battery, automated voltage regulation is used. If you want the CP800AVR to operate at its peak performance, don’t connect expensive audio or video equipment to it because it employs simulation rather than pure sine wave.


This article shows top 4 best UPS for gaming PC for you to choose one. To ensure that there are no issues when it comes time to restart your computer, a UPS just needs to provide you enough time to save your work and properly shut down your computer.

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