How to fix pink screen on computer

If your computer often has strange shades such as blue, black, or pink, read this article will tell you how to fix pink screen on computer.

After cell phones, a computer is today’s most essential gadget. We cannot allow the computer to malfunction, whether a lad in school, a college student, or a professional at work. The pink screen is a serious problem that laptop and computer users frequently mention. Follow the steps listed below to resolve this issue if you’re seeking long-term solutions to pink screen issues.

Why does the computer screen have pink color?

Hardware problem

  • The screen is broken
  • Failure to your drive
  • The connection of the wire is wrong
  • GPU temperature
  • Loose cable

Software problem

  • Outdated graphic drivers
  • Install illegal software
  • Fake application
  • Virus and malware

Ribbon cable

The ribbon cable within the laptop is the most frequent source of pink lines in laptops. It’s likely that the ribbon cable is damaged if you only notice one pink line on your laptop screen.


How to fix pink screen on computer

Restart your computer

We have used this technique for a very long time on practically all electrical equipment.
You may solve the pink screen on your computer or laptop by restarting it. This could occur as a result of a software or hardware coordination issue, which is fixed when we restart the machine.

Check the connection

A clear pink screen or pink lines may occasionally be the result of poor connectivity. Reinstall all connections after removing them. Inspect for any loose connections. Concentrate on weak connections and see if anything functions. If a loose connection is not the cause of the issue, move on to the next approach.

Disconnect all peripheral devices

This issue may occasionally be brought on by your peripheral devices; to remedy it, shut down your computer and unplug any unnecessary gadgets.
Make sure your screen, mouse, and keyboard are all connected before turning on the computer.

Update drivers

Display issues might also be brought on by outdated or mistakes. Updating the drivers is always a good idea. A somewhat pink screen may also be eliminated with the driver upgrade. To resolve the pink screen issue, adhere to the steps below:
Step 1: Select “Windows + X.” The lower-left corner will reveal a missed window. From it, pick the device management procedure.
Step 2: Select your graphics card by clicking on the adapter display.
Step 3: Select the upgraded driver. You will be prompted to choose the source for the driver download. Choose “automatic search” and then adhere to the installation directions.

After upgrading the driver, restart your device. Your issue ought to be fixed if the driver is the cause.

How to fix pink screen on computer

Check the recently installed programs

You need to remove any program you are running that is connected to a third-party screen right away. There was a rumor that programs like True Color were responsible for the pink screen. Therefore, be careful to uninstall it if you are using it or any other similar program.

Any software or game might occasionally be improperly installed during installation due to corrupt files in the application. As a result, whenever you try to run, you should reinstall games and applications. Install the most recent version, please.

Check the graphics card

Pink screen issues might also be brought on by a defective graphics card or motherboard. Try converting them if your computer has an integrated and specialized graphics card. Examine the table of loose connections. See if you can locate any broken or damaged components.

How to fix pink screen on computer

Check GPU temperature

High GPU temperatures might lead to pink screen events. The fan won’t be able to cool the GPU and other components when your laptop is dusty from lack of cleaning. A pink screen may result from this.

You must first exit the usual GPU temperature in order to resolve this issue. There is no function in Windows that allows you to check the GPU temperature; instead, you must use a third-party program like Gputemp. Clean the laptop’s inside if the GPU temperature is excessive. If your issue is connected to cleaning, it will be resolved after.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration software can also cause pink lines or a pink screen to emerge. Although it might lead to a pink screen, this program is used to make your hardware faster.

Simply to the advanced display settings on your laptop and switch off the display if the issue results from this. Verify if there is a free pink line on the display!

In conclusion, when you have really critical tasks to complete, the pink screen issue is quite uncomfortable. Additionally, it may harm your system and any saved information. So it makes sense to resolve pink screen issues as soon as possible. You can solve the issue of how to fix pink screen on computer with the use of all the information supplied above. And if the issue persists, please let us know in the comments so that we can come up with the best solution for you.

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